Election Commission of India

Electoral Laws - Handbook for presiding officers


. 1. Broad Outline Of Duties
32. Formation Of polling Party And Rehearsals
33. Collection Of Polling Materials
34. Set up Of Polling Stations
35. Assignment Of Duties to Polling Officers
36. Regulation of Entry into and Seating Arrangements in the Polling Station
37. Preparation of Ballot Papers For issue
38. Preparation of Ballot Box and Procedure For use of additional Ballot Box.
39. Commencement of the Poll
10. Safeguards for Free and Fair Election
11. Enforcement of Election Law in and around Polling Station
12. Verification of Electors Identity and Procedure in case of Challenge
13. Application of indelible Ink and Obtaining Signature/Thumb Impression of

Elector before issue of Ballot
14. Issue of Ballot Papers and instructions to Voters regarding Voting Procedure
15. Precautions For Maintaining Secrecy
16. Voting by Public Servants on Election Duty Certificates
17. Tendered Ballot Papers And Cancellation of Ballot Papers
18. Adjournment/Stoppage of Poll for Riot, Booth Capturing etc
19. Close of Poll-Voting by Persons Present at Polling Station at Closing Hour
20. Closing and Sealing of Ballot Boxes and Election Papers
21. Preparation of the Diary and Delivery of Ballot Boxes and Election Papers at
__..Collection Centres
22. Brief Guidelines for the Presiding Officers/Polling Officers


31. Extracts From the Representation of the People Act, 1950 and1951
32. Extracts From the Conduct Elections Rules,1961
33. Outlines of Functions to be Performed by Presiding Officers at Various stages
34. Check Memo For Presiding Officers
35. List of Polling Materials For a Polling Party/Polling Station
36. Layout of Polling Station
37. Instructions For Operating Ballot Boxes
38. Declarations by the Presiding Officer
39. Receipt of Challenge Fee
10. Letter of Complaint to the S.H.O.Police
11. Form of Declaration by Elector about age
12. List of Voters From Whom Declaration as to their age have been obtained
13. Declaration by the Companion of Blind or Infirm Elector
14. Form 16 Ballot Paper Account
15. Presiding Officers Diary