This dashboards intents to interactively present data and analysis of GE to Legislative Assemblies of Goa, Manipur, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh & Uttarakhand, 2017 election results in comparison with GE 2012. The analysis is presented in user friendly, clickable infographics which may be of immense interest to all stakeholders.

    The users will get State and constituency wise analysis in respect of
  • participation of electors, candidates and political parties
  • analysis on seats won by political parties
  • percentage vote-share in the State
  • details of candidates (age and Social Category) fielded by political parties
  • Candidates’ affiliation with political parties by constituencies and the votes polled in their favour.
  • constituencies with more female electors
  • constituencies by slabs of voter turnout,
  • constituencies by poll day turnout
  • gender wise participants, winners and major competitors

The users may download data, crosstab, PDF and images, however, this being the first attempt on trial, any inference drawn may be needed to be further verified by the users. Results signed and declared by the Returning Officers have statutory validity.

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