Symbols allotted under Para 10 & 10 B
Name of Party Symbol Alloted Order No. and date Para
Indian Union Muslim League Ladder No.56/44/2011/PPS-II 10
Janata Dal (United)_MP Arrow No.56/44/2011/PPS-II 10
Janata Dal(Secular).pdf A Lady Farmer carrying Paddy on her head No.56/44/2011/PPS-II 10
Lok Jan Shakti Party Bungalow No.56/44/2011/PPS-II 10
National People's Party.pdf Book No.56/44/2011/PPS-II 10
Revolutionary Socialist Party.pdf Spade and Stoker No.56/44/2011/PPS-II 10
ShivSena_MP.pdf Bow and Arrow No.56/44/2011/PPS-II 10
Samajwadi Party Bicycle No.56/44/2011/PPS-II 10
Jammu & Kashmir National Panthers Party Bicycle No.56/44/2011/PPS-II 10
kisan Majdoor Praja Party Broom No.56/Symbol/2013/PPS-II/Vol V 10 B
Akhil Bhartiya Gondwana Party Black Board No.56/Symbol/2013/PPS-II/Vol V 10 B
Rashtriya Parivartan Dal Coat No.56/Symbol/2013/PPS-II/Vol X 10 B
Mahanvadi Party Hockey and Ball No.56/Symbol/2013/PPS-II/Vol X 10 B
Rashtriya Apna Dal Walking Stick No.56/Symbol/2013/PPS-II/Vol V 10 B
Jai Maha Bharath Party Pot No.56/Symbol/2013/PPS-II/Vol IX 10 B
Bundelkhand Congress Cot No.56/Symbol/2013/PPS-II/Vol VIII 10 B
New All India Congress Party Calculator No.56/Symbol/2013/PPS-II/Vol VIII 10 B
Bahujan Sangharsh Party(Kanshiram) Gas Cylinder No.56/Symbol/2013/PPS-II/Vol VIII 10 B
Gondvana Gantantra Party Saw No.56/Symbol/2013/PPS-II/Vol VI 10 B
Gondwana Mukti Sena Batsman No.56/Symbol/2013/PPS-II/Vol VII 10 B
Prajatantrik Samadhan Party Bucket No.56/Symbol/2013/PPS-II/Vol VII 10 B
National Loktantrik Party Table No.56/Symbol/2013/PPS-II/Vol VII 10 B
Aarthik Samanta Party Stool No.56/Symbol/2013/PPS-II/Vol VII 10 B
Rashtriya Samanta Dal Kite No.56/Symbol/2013/PPS-II/Vol VII 10 B
Hindustan Swaraj Congress Party Diesal Pump No.56/Symbol/2013/PPS-II/Vol VI 10 B
Apna Dal Cup & Saucer No.56/Symbol/2013/PPS-II/Vol VI 10 B
Samata Samadhan Party Electric Pole No.56/Symbol/2013/PPS-II/Vol V 10 B
Madhya Pradesh Nav Nirman Sena Bat No.56/Symbol/2013/PPS-II/Vol V 10 B
Bharatiya Bahujan Party Sewing Machine No.56/Symbol/2013/PPS-II/Vol IV 10 B
Mahan Dal Auto-Rickshaw No.56/Symbol/2013/PPS-II/Vol IV 10 B
Bahujan Sangharsh Dal Glass Tumbler No.56/Symbol/2013/PPS-II/Vol IV 10 B

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