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List of political parties filing Statement of Election Expenditure

  1. Nature of Election: General Election to Legislative Assemblies of Jharkhand and Jammu & Kashmir
  2. Due date for filing: 14.03.2015
  3. List prepared on: 24.09.2015

Recognized National Parties

S. No. Name of the party Filed on or before due date Filed after due date Remarks
    Date of filing Total expenditure shown (in Rs.) Date of filing Total expenditure shown in statement
(in Rs.)
1 Bahujan Samaj Party 11.03.15 2,42,49,235      
2 Bharatiya Janata Party     23.07.15,
3 Communist Party of India     17.09.15 6124850 The Party has only submitted expenditure statement of Jharkhand eleciton only vide letter dated 17.09.2015 has sought short time for submitting election
4 Communist Party of India (Marxist) 03.03.15 29,85,451      
5 Indian National Congress   06.07.15 327452787  
6 Nationalist Congress Party     18.03.15 Nil