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Dr. Nasim Zaidi, Chief Election Commissioner of India answers queries related to Electronic Voting Machine

Question - Are the EVMs connected to the internet?

Question- Are you throwing an open challenge for any stakeholder to come and tamper the EVM?

Question- What are the administrative safeguards of EVMs?

Question- How and where is the EVM chip (brain of the EVM) made? Why can’t we make the chips in India?

Question- How do you define tampering of an EVM?

Question- How are the votes stored in the EVMs?

Question- How will the EVMs be chosen for the challenge?

Question- Is the EVM made in India or is being imported? Who manufactures EVMs?

Question- What are the various benefits of the EVMs?

Question- What is VVPAT? How does it help the voters?

Question- What is an EVM challenge? How can one participate in this challenge?

Question- Who will judge the challenge process?

Question- When will we see 100% deployment of VVPAT machines?

Question- Why did Germany roll back the use of EVMs?

Question- Who writes the source program? Is it possible to incorporate a Trojan in the software?

Question- Will the challengers be allowed to change the hardware of the EVM?

Question- Would the challengers be allowed to bring in foreign experts?

Question- What will be allowed to do with the EVMs during the challenge?

Question- Would challengers be allowed to change the motherboard of the EVMs?

Question- If the world’s oldest democracy the USA, still uses paper ballots, why should the world’s largest democracy use EVMs?

Question- What if the chips are manipulated in the foreign countries where they are made?

Question- Is there encryption involved in the EVMs?

Question- How well prepared are you for ‘EVM challenge’?

Question- What happens inside the polling booth? How exactly does voter votes with VVPAT?
Question- Which elections come under the jurisdiction of the Election Commission? How true are the EVMs tampering reports that came from Maharashtra?

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