Election Symbols attoted under Para 10, Para 10A and Para 10B

Name of Party Symbol Alloted Order No. and date Para
Shiv Sena Bow and Arrow 56/67/2011/PPS-II,dated 30.11.2012 10
Samajwadi Party and Jammu and Kashmir National Panthers Party Bicycle 56/64/2011/PPS-II,dated 30.11.2012 10
Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist)(Liberation) Flag with Three Stars 56/400/2011/PPS-II,dated 21.11.2012 10A
Gujarat Parivartan Party Bat 56/symbol//2012PPS-II,dated 16.11.2012 10B
Jammu and Kashmir National Panthers Party Bicycle 56/41/2011/PPS-II,dated 21.11.2012 10
Janata Dal (Secular) A Lady Farmer carring Paddy on her head 56/43/2011/PPS-II,dated 21.11.2012 10
Janata Dal (United) Arrow 56/44/2011/PPS-II,dated 21.11.2012 10
Lok Jan Shakti Party - Para 10 Bungalow 56/49/2011/PPS-II,dated 21.11.2012 10
Rashtriya Janata Dal Hurricane Lamp 56/61/2011/PPS-II,dated 21.11.2012 10
Rashtriya Lok Dal Hand Pump 56/62/2011/PPS-II,dated 21.11.2012 10
Shiv Sena Bow and Arrow 56/67/2011/PPS-II,dated 21.11.2012 10
Samajwadi Party Bicycle 56/64/2011/PPS-II, dated 27.11.2012 10
Yuva Sarkar Candles 56/symbol/2012/PPS-II,dated 16.11.2012 10B
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