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Chapter 12: Glimpses of Conduct of elections 2016

General elections were held to constitute the Legislative Assemblies of five States of Assam, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal and UT of Puducherry during 2016 before the completion of terms of respective Assemblies. 27 bye elections were held to fill up casual vacancies caused due to resignation or death or disqualification of sitting members. Scheduling of elections are done considering social, educational, infrastructural, climatic and other factors. All aspects of election preparedness are reviewed for each State/UT and relevant instructions are issued to the CEOs for ensuring efficient conduct of the elections. Conduct of election involves updation of electoral roll, scheduling and announcement of the elections, nominations and symbol allocation, logistics and other security arrangements, ensuring level playing field for all candidates, and handling of cases, etc. Data on all of these aspects have been included in this chapter.

12.1 Electors: Final Publication 2016
12.2 General Elections held
12.3 Bye Elections held
12.4 Election Petitions
12.5 Court cases other than EP (status as on November 2016)
12.6 Disciplinary cases related to Legislative Assembly Election 2016
12.7 Cases relating to Accounts of candidate election expenditure (2016)
12.8 Details of seizures made during General elections 2016
12.9 Preventive Actions
12.10 MCC Violation Cases
12.11 MCC implementation teams
12.12 Election Expenditure Violation Cases
12.13 Cases of Paid News
12.14 Election Symbols alloted to Recognized National and State Political Parties 2016
12.15 Election Officials
12.16 Summery of the information collected on Assured Minimum Facility in Polling Stations
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