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Chapter 9: . Legislative Councils (Vidhan Parishads)

Constitution of India [Article 168 & 169] provides for bi-cameral legislatures in certain States. The maximum strength of the Legislative Council of State is fixed at one-third of strength of the Legislative Assembly of that State and not less than 40. Legislative Council like the Rajya Sabha is a permanent House and not subject to dissolution. It is the Upper House of State Legislature and at present there are seven Legislative Councils in the country. Union Parliament has the power to create or abolish the Legislative Council on the basis of resolutions adopted by special majority in the Assembly of the concerned State. The Council members are elected by members of Legislative Assembly of respective states, by members of local bodies, by graduates, by teachers of secondary schools and by nomination by Governor from among persons possessing special knowledge and experience in the field of Art , Science, Literature, Social Science and cooperative movement. Minimum age limit to be a member of Legislative Council is 30 years. A person seeking election to a Legislative Council has to be enrolled in the electoral roll for any of the Assembly Constituencies in that State. Members are elected for a period of 6 years and one third members retire every second year.

Elections to the State Legislative Councils are held under the system of proportional representation by means of the single transferable vote [Article 171].

9.1 Legislative Councils in India
9.2 Composition of the existing Legislative Councils (Vidhan Parishads)
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